Rebecca D'Amato - The Emotional painkiller - Closing the Parent Wound

“Empowering you to accept the apology you never got"

Is this you...?

  • Are you an adult survivor of narcissistic parents.
  • Was the dynamic in your family the wrong way around – did you often have to care for your parents.
  • Are you the archetypal ‘rescuer’.
  • Do you struggle to establish firm boundaries and stick to them?
  • Do you struggle to say no to people.
  • Do you find it difficult to perceive yourself as lovable and worthy.
  • Do you find it hard to maintain healthy relationships of all kinds.

Do you want to...?

  • Learn to fully respect yourself?
  • Set healthy and appropriate boundaries?
  • Find out what you want, and allow yourself to have it?
  • Give up rigid life scrips and family roles?
  • Become a fun-loving, confident and powerful person?

What is “The Parent Wound"?

It’s the legacy of pain we are left with when we are raised in a climate of emotional illiteracy and spiritual bankruptcy…

…where love, guidance, understanding, patience and encouragement were in very short supply.

The Parent Wound is not about apportioning blame, wagging a recriminating finger at our ineffective parents, it’s quite the opposite, it’s about learning that our parents raise us with the only resources they have available to them, the cycle of emotional illiteracy and soulful bankruptcy that runs from one generation to the next is sadly the norm for many…

…but when we begin to understand that our parent’s issues were born of their own unresolved pain we can begin to forgive, if not for them, then certainly for ourselves.

The inevitable outcome of The Parent Wound is that we emerge into adulthood as the person somebody told us we should be, wearing ten masks before lunchtime, suffering the exhaustion of people-pleasing, appeasement, peace-keeping and disregarding our own needs in exchange for validation from others.

…but the greatest wound of all is that of being cut off from our own wisdom, the ability to trust our internal valuing process (gut instinct) that we are all born with and that always knows how to do the right thing…

This sadly results in us giving our power away – often for decades – to experts, outside influences and self-appointed gurus for the answers and solutions that we already possess but are afraid to trust.

My own transition from self-loathing doormat to the content, connected and empowered woman I am today happened when I began to realise that at the root of all our suffering is what we were never taught…

We were never taught how to…

  • Love ourselves – instead we were programmed to believe that the love we need will come from others if we are nice enough, if we are tolerant, patient, giving and accommodating enough, regardless of how others treat us in return.
  • Self-aggrandise – instead we are encouraged to hide our unique skills, talents and abilities from the world in case we upset jealous underachievers who can’t handle a light being shone on their own failings and inadequacies.
  • Deal with sadness – it’s an inherent part of life it’s going to happen no matter the lengths we go to, to avoid it, but we have no ability to deal with it other than bunging unhelpful and unnecessary labels on in such as ‘depression’ while simultaneously we seek soothing and comfort in the very same places that caused the sadness to begin with.
  • Establish boundaries – incapable parents had few or no personal boundaries of their own, or in the case of abusive and neglectful parents’ boundaries often changed by the hour.
  • Trust our intuition – how many times were you told as a child that what you were quite justifiably feeling was wrong? When we can’t trust our own emotions, we can’t trust ourselves, paving the way for an over-reliance on experts and outside influences and a life plagued with loneliness, unhealthy relationships and disconnect, a pervading feeling that something is always missing.
  • Embrace our authenticity – instead we are programmed to become somebody who will create as little or no discomfort as possible to others in every aspect of our life; love, relationships, parenting and career, regardless of the cost to our own wellbeing.

The Panacea Program – What’s included?

  1. Five 2.5-hour tutorials via Zoom. A live interactive classroom- based learning session.
  2. All course materials
  3. On-going, additional tutorials, check in and accountability sessions
  4. 1 year of on-going support
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Rebecca D'Amato - The Emotional painkiller - Healing the Parent Wound

Rebecca is a spiritual teacher with a background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Her own journey to authenticity, empowerment and fearlessness spanned almost two decades and she describes that time as; “complex and unnecessarily lengthy and expensive".

It's from her own life-seeking experiences that Rebecca has created a powerful and effective transformational program which begins with a live, one-day, interactive workshop which is followed by 12-months of consistent, on-going support and CPD Accreditation.

“After many years of searching and trying (and spending too much money on) lots of different ways of trying to get to the bottom of why I was ‘just so sad’. To finally find Rebecca’s course and realise that I actually already had everything I needed inside myself was a revelation.

The programme is jargon free and has a good mixture of reading and little bits of homework as well as loving and honest support from Rebecca that enabled me to think clearly about myself and how I’d trapped myself in a cage of my own making.

The best thing this course has given me is freedom. I have been given tools for navigation and when bumps in the road are hit, they are embraced instead of hidden from. It’s like being given the keys to authenticity, peace and joy. Thanks Rebecca"

~Lauren Pearce, Seaforde, County Down~